The Stair, The Clouds and The Sky 平步青云,上天梯

Orchard Central Rooftop Garden (乌节路购物商场空中花园)
Singapore (新加坡)

Stepping into this sky-garden gives one the feeling of stepping into another land, a land that stills active busy minds, that encourages pondering of thoughts and that allows dreams to be made.

I would like the audience to immediately be able to associate themselves with the experiences of the sculptures which may seem somewhat surreal or dreamscape like.

So, the 1st piece of work that one gets to see will be that of a man walking up the staircase looking up to the sky; kind of like a mirror image of himself.

Then, as one walks around the garden, one gets to see the “floating clouds” of human-like sculptures balanced on poles of between 3m to 5m high, capturing the moments of people in a celebrative energetic mood. The sculptures swing gently around with the wind movements, creating yet another dimension, mesmerizing and locking the viewer into these moments.

Stair, Cloud, Sky 01

Stair, Cloud, Sky 2

Stair, Cloud, Sky 3

Stair, Cloud, Sky 4

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