Dancers In The Wind – Pas de Deux

Temasek Junior College

The series Dancers in the Wind capture the movements of air over a dancer’s outstretched arms, a posture that Victor sometimes adopts in his studio when a cool breeze wafts through. Then newly attached and taking dancing lessons, Victor recreates the happy experience of dancing in a pair in Pas de Deux. The two figures stand in close juxtaposition, glancing obliquely at each other and suggesting interactivity and partnership. Victor remembers his experiences in art school, where interactions between teachers and students, invited speakers and students, and between students and students themselves have been instrumental in the process of artistic learning and creation. The process of dancing is itself a celebration of life and art; dancing as a couple requires a deeper involvement – a special awareness of one’s partner, coordinating individual movements to form a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. The uplifted arms of the Dancers twirl in joyous freedom, as the wings of angels engaged in heavenly exultation.

Dancers In The Wind