The Passing of Knowledge 传承

The Singapore Botanic Gardens (新加坡植物园)

In the sculpture, a man holds a big bucket of clear water and pours it down to a child who is reaching out with a bowl to contain the water, but allowing some of the water to continue to flow down to the earth.

The big bucket depicts the richness and the abundance of wealth that can be derived from the simple knowledge of the 4-way test. This knowledge is like water, which is vital to the survival of all life forms on earth. The clearness of the water suggest that a clear understanding of this vital knowledge will bring about the well-being and prosperity of future generations, as represented by the child. This knowledge continues to flow down to reach the greater mass to benefit all beings. The natural interdependency of all beings allows this continuity to flow on and on.



The Four Way TestThe Four Way Test

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