Spotlight Singapore – City. Living

2-men Exhibition, The Fringe Club, Hong Kong, 2006

The Conscious 03
Being a Buddhist who has experienced meditation retreats in Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, and learning the basic principals in Buddhist philosophy and psychology, I have come to realize the high importance of the foundation of “Mindfulness”. I have learnt that a heightened consciousness can be achieved not just through sitting in a meditative position, but also by being consciously aware of one’s motions from moment to moment; consciously knowing that when we are standing we are standing, when we are sitting we are sitting; consciously being aware of the present moment.

Through my working process, I hope to learn, practice, experience and realize this sense of heightened consciousness in living the moment. I seek to capture moment to moment of awareness not only in meditation but also in my works. Making conscientious efforts to be mindful in the process of living help us realize something and perhaps live a more meaningful and purposeful life.

The first group of work seeks to depict the contemplation of LIFE.

The second group of work shows the transcending of life, depicted by the motions from the awakening child to a sleeping old man. A succession of 7 wire figures presents an infant waking up from his slumber, to a child, to a teenager in the process of standing, and then, to a man standing up, then, to a older man moving to a lying down position and finally, an old man lying down. The idea of movement is conveyed using a series of figures, akin to the process of animation.


2006 South China Morning Post (PDF – 607kb)

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